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January 12, 2019

A lot of my work is with high-strength industrial wastewater. Issues that arise with any given industrial waste stream may consist of, but are not limited to, the following:

1. High chemical oxygen demand (COD) that exceeds the treatment capacity of the onsite wastewater treatment system (activated sludge or biological treatment unit).


November 3, 2017


After all the many years I've been working in water and wastewater treatment it's really just this past year that I have come to better appreciate the value and importance of measuring the total kjeldahl nitrogen in addition to the ammonia nitrogen concentration entering and leaving industrial biological treatment systems....

July 10, 2017

In former days, when I did a lot of polymer-focused jar testing, I had three products in my polymer test kit that I never fully understood. The products themselves were straightforward enough as they were PACls or polyaluminum chloride coagulants. Where my understanding stalled out was the additional description of these products in t...

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