Meet Rick Fuller: The person behind "The Wastewater Blog"

Hello, and Welcome to my website!

This website, though a "hobby," is really an extension of the work in water and wastewater treatment I have very enjoyably been doing for several decades now. With some embarrassment, I can tell you that 20 years ago I thought I knew everything there was to know about wastewater treatment. Thankfully, that presumption is long gone, and with its departure I have found my curiosity about water and wastewater treatment wonderfully reawakened. It seems to me that when you think you know everything there is to know about a subject you stop learning and that is a big mistake. But it is not my intent to lecture you so let me get to the point.

The information provided here is intended to be a reference source for you (as it is for me) based on my experience, my regular travels to municipal and industrial wastewater plants, and my constant research. My job requires that I travel throughout the United States, as well as internationally on occasion, working on a variety of problems related to water treatment, wastewater treatment, and reverse osmosis operations. Though traveling can be a real pain, the distinct benefit is that you get to see a great diversity of issues that you likely wouldn’t come across working at a single treatment plant, which I did for 18 years before deciding to venture out into the world, into the private sector. My goal with this blog, therefore, is to share with you some of what I see, learn, and do during my travels to different water and wastewater treatment systems.

Rick Fuller