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Wastewater Treatment Plant Videos

The intended focus of this page is to post videos I take while doing work at a wastewater plant. The goal is to record video that gives you an idea of how a given plant is laid out in addition to any specific areas of interest regarding a particular unit process or a lab procedure that might be of interest to you.

Theresa Street Wastewater Treatment Plant, Lincoln, NE

I spent a week at this plant doing a variety of tests associated with the biological treatment system. There are three treatment trains consisting of coarse screenings, grit removal, primary clarification, a Modified Ludzack Ettinger (MLE) activated sludge nitrogen removal process, secondary clarification, and ultraviolet disinfection. Primary and waste activated sludge is pumped to anaerobic egg-shaped digesters. The digested sludge is dewatered using centrifuges and the dewatered sludge is then land applied.

The following is a video of the MLE activated sludge system taken from the top of one of the egg digesters. The video is a little shaky at times because it was so windy, particularly out in the open at the top of the digester where buffeting from the wind was intense! 

Ultraviolet Disinfection System, Lincoln, NE

This video was recorded in the ultraviolet (UV) disinfection building at the Theresa Street Wastewater Treatment Plant in Lincoln, Nebraska. The only sound you'll hear is 20+ million gallons per day of water rushing through the UV channels. Wastewater treatment is excellent at this plant with the result being a clarified effluent producing a UVT (UV Transmittance) level >70 percent. The UVT was an excellent 73% when I took this video.

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